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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mapo Tofu: Updated Post!

A lot of my earliest posts were done without a camera but with a very old iphone and no photographic concern at all. I can't say this blog has the best photos. I don't have an SLR, nor do I have the best lighting to work with (my apartment is like Golem's cave from Lord of the Rings when it comes to natural lighting) but I believe I've improved a lot from the first posts.

I've already begun updating recipe pages, like my Ichigo Daifuku post, but recently I've updated my Mapo Tofu recipe page as well!

It's worth revisiting because it's just a tasty dish. I also love how fast it is, how well it reheats, and how easy it is to prepare. If you haven't made mapo tofu, I recommend giving it a try! While the ingredient list may seem exotic to some, a quick trip to your local Asian market of choice and it will be easy to grab the seasonings.

old photo
new photo

Here's a fun contrast for you: my original and updated photo of Mapo Tofu!