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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blueberry Butter Mochi: Updated post!

This old post of mine wins the award for the worst photo of something very tasty! I'm pretty sure this was the worst quality photo on my blog, so I'm very happy to put such a tasty dessert in a better light. I remember making this recipe and forgetting to take a picture of it beforehand, so the original was snapped in the coffee room at my former hospital.

Blueberry Butter Mochi is super easy to make and was a potluck favorite at my former hospital. Remaking it made me a little sad, not to mention tempted to do a mini road trip to deliver it to all my former colleagues who are now spread out around Southern California. I'm forever grateful to the few gals who were always brave enough to try my crazy creations.

This is actually a very visually interesting dessert, with the golden butter mochi marbled with rich blueberry pie filling. I love how easy it is to prepare (nothing but a spoon and a large mixing bowl needed) and how fun the marbling is. You can also make it the day before as well, for convenience.

Here's a fun contrast for you: my original and updated photos of Blueberry Butter Mochi!