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Monday, October 29, 2012

Site Updates

I've had a stressful and busy time, these last couple of weeks. You wouldn't believe the weird and zany world that is used car dealerships. I'm glad I only had to speak to a handful of them.

Then came the challenge of learning to drive a stick shift.

I thought I was set, I mean I played plenty of video games growing up; I've got excellent hand-eye coordination. I rode horses competitively for over a decade, I can handle having my feet doing nuanced actions independent of each other.

Then I remembered I live in Southern California, where drivers think anyone who isn't capable of going from a total stop to 10 miles over the speed limit in 2.5 seconds must be drawn and quartered. I've never paid attention to how close drivers get to the car in front of them at red lights until I had to worry about rolling back on hills.

I'm proud to say I've never grinded the gears, and no longer stall out after the first couple drives. My main problem is giving it a little too much gas while the clutch is still disengaged, so it sounds like I want to race, or revv my engine oh-so-sexily to attract the ladies. Nothing is sexier than finally finding the clutch point and having your car wheels literally squeal with acceleration.

Couple this with incidents like the boys accidentally leaving out a pound of candy corn for Tiara to eat, and somehow your energy gets drained. Note to readers: candy corn vomit is bright orange and will not come out of carpet due to the stomach acid and artificial coloring combo burning into the carpet fibers, even if you try to clean it up immediately. No matter what you try, your beige carpet will now have giant orange patches that scream "lost security deposit" every time you look at them.

So don't worry, I've got tons of posts started and lined up for November. In the meantime, enjoy my updated pictures for Ichigo Daifuku Mochi! I'm slowly going through my less-than-stellar pictures of when I first started this blog and replacing it with better pictures and more step by step ones as well.

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