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Friday, May 11, 2012

Shoutout to Blogs I Love

Because this is my blog, and I can do what I want, I'd like to share some blogs I love with you:

Food Librarian: I love her bundt recipes! I cannot wait to try the match mochi one! I think because she's also JA (Japanese American), but she seems like family. Or it might be that her love of jello reminds me of my jello obsessed JA mom. I think jello just reminds her of all the agar jellies in Japanese desserts. I will have to make her the broken glass jello that the Food Librarian has on her blog!

FOODjimoto: Another Southern California Japanese American lady! I love her furikake chex mix, it is the sort of Hapa food I love, like spam musubi. She does a whole gamut of food, from traditional Japanese home cooking to guacamole! I love the pictures of her family get togethers, which has inspired me to take more pictures!

Makiko Itoh: Her post on her mother moved me to tears. She writes both Just Hungry and Just Bento, two amazing sites that have tons of recipes, from bento staples to baking. She's even got an amazing bento cookbook, which I've literally read in bed just for entertainment (I do this with all good cookbooks) She's sick right now and going through a kitchen remodel, so she hasn't been posting as frequently as I spam her sites.

David Lebovitz: The man who made my very stoic grandpa grin like a Cheshire cat. I made his German Chocolate Cake for my grandpa's birthday, and it was AMAZING. I made the filling, and bought a can of Duncan Hines filling to do a blind taste test with my mother, and she literally nearly spit up the storebought after tasting David's. He's that good.

**Disclaimer** No one asked me to do these links, and I asked for nothing in return. This blog has like no traffic and its mostly my own personal diary, so don't be thinking anything sneaky like promotions and such. I love these blogs and want to share them with my friends and family so =P

And because this is a boring post with no pictures: Here's my dog as a puppy!


  1. dear miss mochi,
    let me begin by saying: your blog deserves tons of traffic, and I believe it will eventually get it (its still new around the block/g, kind of). For the very simple fact that you are such an amazing writer! I wish I could mirror it with my little post here, to express what I am so taken with in your writing. Its not as simple as content - although I really liked your story about school, blatant racism, changing schools to a much more healthy real environment. Lines like tagging the occasional blondie along made me grin from ear to ear! This said, note that I am very much that blondie myself. Not that I am blonde, but - to quote from the great Isaac Julien 1991 film (a black british filmmaker & video artist) "Young Soul Rebels" - I guess, I am blond enough (the black main character calls his white lover "blondie", who at some point replys, "but I am not blonde!" answer:"but you're blonde enough" which he doesnt get - well, because he IS "blonde"!) Anyway: I am German (and white), live in Germany (in Berlin), my life is probably very much different from yours. But - I am an avid food blog reader, across many countries (I read only german, english and french, so thats my limit), and yours was one of the blogs I stumbled across (searching for a mochi recipe) on which I got stuck reading for quite a while, actually I think I read just about all your posts last night. Well - I AM kind of a food blog addict. But maybe this can also serve to add credibility to my "judgment", as I have a lot of comparison! Your blog really sticks out because it is smart, witty, intelligent - anyway, it is unbelievably well written.
    I don't know what your future plans are - but seeing it from here I think you should pursue writing, in whatever form. Well: you've already begun, with this blog! But I'd be happy to read more of you.
    But - not to add more ambition pressure to your life. I think you had your share and made a hell of an achievement overcoming (most) of it!
    As I like to stay very private (my life is public enough, not THAT public, but sufficiently, nothing fancy though!) I am posting anonymously (for that reason I actually never ever comment on blogs!). I hope you don't mind. But I hope my praise gets across to you!
    Warmly - NN

    1. Wow! Thanks. Not only do I now want to rent that movie, but I have to say I really appreciate your comment. You're right, this blog is very new and a brand new endeavor for me. I am getting a bit more traffic a couple months in, which is amazing and deeply moving that anyone reads my sometimes very wordy posts! After all, a cooking blog doesn't usually have long drawn out posts about a blogger's life.

      But I think that talking about how food is so much more than what we put in our mouths is something that people can connect with. Food is culture, family, memories and life, and I think that's something that easily translates between ethnicity and country.

      P.S. I am so jealous you know so many languages! I feel so American.