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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miso Tamago

The trifecta of my favorite bento hard boiled eggs concludes with this post: Miso Tamago.  Miso marinated hard boiled eggs are like marbled tea eggs and shoyu tamago in that they are portable and seasoned well enough they can be eaten by themselves, unadorned. Not that they aren't delicious mixed into a salad, but I like being able to tuck them into a bento with some rice and tsukemono, furikake and veggies for a quick and light lunch.

Also delicious as a ramen add-on, slice one in half and dunk it in the ramen, miso and all.

Unlike the shoyu tamago which don't store well in the fridge, the miso tamago and marbled tea eggs are fine to sit in the fridge for a couple days. In fact, you want the miso tamago to sit in the fridge at least for a couple hours or overnight, to make sure the miso permeates the egg.

The miso you use will directly affect the taste of the finished product, so it is best to use a good quality fresh white miso. Red miso would probably end up making the egg too salty, but feel free to experiment.

Miso Tamago

eggs in your desired quantity
1 tsp of miso per egg

Hard boil the eggs. My favorite method is to fill up a medium pot with cold water, heat to boiling while stirring gently to keep yolks in the middle, then take off heat and cover for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. After 10 minutes, dunk eggs in cold water.

Shell the eggs, try not to massacre them like I did, because they will be much prettier without tons of divets in the whites. Take a small square of plastic wrap (big enough to wrap the egg up in). Spread the teaspoon of miso on the plastic wrap and roll the egg up in it. Distribute miso evenly. You can thin the miso with honey or maple syrup for a sweeter taste, with the added bonus of it being easier to spread. Let cure in miso for up to a week.

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