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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Everyone who eats with me, chiefly Mr. Mochi and the Bro-chi, knows I am a bit obsessed with finding Hapa food. Nothing makes me happier than getting to try some hole-in-the-wall Hawaiian place, or trying the crazy Japanese curry hot dog at the food truck (review coming soon, it was totally delish). Sometimes silly, sometimes glorious, I'm totally there. It's my passion; I love seeing how cultures adapt cuisine into a giant melting pot of influences and flavors.

So when I heard about the Ogura Bruxie, I already had my flip-flops on and purse in hand.

I mean seriously, I had to try this! A Japanese ingredient, azuki bean paste, in a restaurant that serves patty melts on waffles?

Ogura Bruxie!!!
Bruxie is a small chain here in Southern California that offers sandwiches exclusively on waffles. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, there is a waffle sandwich for you. Not only do they offer unique waffle sandwich creations, waffle fries and salads, they also have some unique floats and shakes made with frozen custard.

They also are interesting because they are a chain that is focusing on using more organic ingredients, as well as things like compostable drink containers, real maple syrup, and sodas without high-frustose corn syrup.

I did indeed try the Ogura Bruxie ($4.95), but also was delighted that there were tons more tasty treats to be found.

The Proscuitto and Gruyere ($7.95) was the first savory waffle sandwich that I tried, and it did not dissapoint. Filled with prosciutto and Gruyere cheese accented with whole grain mustard and chives, it went well with the crispy waffle.

Patty Melt Bruxie
Mr. Mochi tried the Bruxie Burger ($6.95, below) and said he loved the concept, stating that waffles definitely were a tastier option than a plain bun for the burger. His only complaint was the size and shape of the patties versus the waffle meant that a lot of his bites contained only waffle and lettuce.

The Bruxie Burger
Another time he tried one of their specials, the patty melt (above), and was especially disappointed with the mini patties. Simply put, the waffle was delicious with the burger, but it would have been better with a half moon shaped patty that fit in the waffle better. In the picture, you can see there is a lot of waffle without any meat in the patty melt.

One of the specials that I tried was the Country Sausage and Egg Bruxie (right), which featured the sausage and egg with Tillamook cheddar cheese and mayo. While it was certainly tasty, I felt it was missing something and thought it was on the dry side. A bit of maple syrup ($1) fit the bill, although I have to say it did taste a bit like a hipster McGriddle (in the best way possible).

I brought one of my best buds along with me, since I love the fact that Bruxie does have some good vegetarian options for her. I hate when there's only one vegetarian option on a menu and it screams "afterthought!" Their Roasted Mushroom and Goat Cheese ($7.95, not pictured) is a vegetarian offering that is tasty enough it seems they designed it not to appeal to vegetarians, but anyone seeking a satisfying sandwich, carnivore or not. Their Cheesy Bruxie ($4.95, also not pictured) is another option that is especially inticing with avocado. There's enough cheese to be gooey without being greasy, and the fresh avocado lends another element of richness.

Seasonal Creme Brulee
Another vegetarian option on special this week: the Caprese Bruxie ($11.45 with fries, top photo). With heirloom Purple Cherokee tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, arugula pesto, balsamic vinegar reduction, topped with baby arugula, it might be my favorite. I love caprese, caprese skewers, caprese sandwiches (one recipe is coming soon to this blog), and basically just about anything involving tomatoes, cheese, and balsamic vinegar. So I might be biased, but I can vouch that even my friend enjoyed this sandwich. We especially loved the tomatoes, which in a normal sandwich can be so mealy and flavorless, but instead were juicy and bursting with summer flavor.

Nutella and Banana!
As far as dessert goes, I could see coming here just for that. The above mentioned Ogura Bruxie, the Nutella and Bananas ($5.95) with sweet cream, and the Seasonal Creme Brulee ($6.50, above) which when we went boasted deliciously in-season strawberries, are always satisfying. Definitely big enough to share!

Egg Cream
They also have a great selection of pure cane sugar sodas as well as floats and shakes. I tried the Creamsicle float and the "Old Towne" Egg Cream (both $3.95), the latter being a very tasty and unique offering. It wasn't very sweet, but had a great chocolate flavor.

All-in-all, I'd have to admit that Bruxie isn't the cheapest offering around, but is definitely on to something with the waffle sandwich. I also applaud their use of real maple syrup, real cane sugar sodas, organic ingredients, and tons of specials highlighting seasonal ingredients. Even their soda cups are biodegradeable, so perhaps the cost is justified with the care they put into their products.

215 W. Birch St.
Brea, CA 92821
(714) 255-1188

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  1. OMG, that looks delicious. I hope they come to the East Coast! :)