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Monday, June 11, 2012

Shoutout to Blogs I love! Plus Pictures of Tiara!

Serious Eats: I have mentioned them before. I love the attention to detail, the overturning of every stone that they go through before they post a how-to. I also love the community on there. Have a question? "Talk" is as unpretentious as you're gonna get in the foodie world, and you have friendly people ready to share recipes and give advice. My soda cracker bark is from this site, and if you want to find a well tested well written recipe, this is the place. Check out the food lab for in depth discussion for cooking techniques.

Hungry Happenings: Talk about mixing art with food! Everything on here is so styled and beautiful. For someone whose spam musubis are even less than perfect, I could do with adopting some of this blog's showmanship. Some of the posts are obviously geared towards people with kids, but I will never tire of happy faces on everything. I want to make the crown pastries in honor of Tiara, who is after all named after a princess crown. And yes, I would make pastries in celebration of my dog.

La Fuji Mama: This blog has tons of great hapa food, and I can't believe I haven't discovered her beforehand. Check out these avocado bacon yaki onigiri! Can you say "Yum!" I like how she feels comfortable taking traditional Japanese food and putting her own Southern California twist on it. I feel people get so fussy about being by the book they forget to have fun in the kitchen! For instance, take her avocado mango donburi: Traditional? No. Tasty and f'ing inspired? Absolutely!

Roti N Rice: Amazing Asian American food is featured on this blog! I love all the Asian baking, because I am not a very seasoned baker. Check out the Japanese Castella Cake, called "Kasutera" (カステラ), she even has a Neapolitan three colored one! I am SO making her yokan agar agar candies, my mother loves when relatives bring those from Japan, like these, so it would be awesome to make them here. Her blog has great organization, dividing recipes by dessert, grain type, breads, and even vegetables.

All of these blogs make me realize how much farther my own has to go until I am satisfied. I want to learn how to get mine as beautiful and browse friendly as theirs.

And because no post is complete without pictures of Tiara, and her puppies:

Some of her gorgeous pups posing! They are now over 2y/o!
She's 6 years old, but don't tell her that!

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